Common interface industry syndicate(USB-IF) in the recently launchedan important update to the USB3.0 , was to unifyquick charge technical specifications of the PPS (Programmable Power Supply), realized with qualcomm QC4.0/3.0, mediatek PE3.0/2.0, Huawei/OPPO plan compiling.After USB PD3.0 joined PPS, the output voltage range extended from 5V to 3.0V~ 21V.At the same time, the step voltage is 20mV, making it possible to fill the low voltage large current directly.

The PD 3.0 quick charge agreement mainly has the following promotion:First, add a more detailed description of the built-in battery characteristics of the device;Second, it increases the function of software and hardware version recognition and software update through PD communication;Third, add digital certificate and digital signature function.

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