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Date:Jan 8-11th,2019

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Product Introduction

75W USB-C PD&QC3.0 Power Adapter

4 In 1 smart fast super charger(PowerCenter4 Pro)This product is suitable for the power supply of various consumer electronic devices.

1,The design concept of the product development is fully compatible with the electronic equipment in the market,including the new type-c interface devices available on the market.

2,Multi-port USB supports power supply of multiple consumer electronic devices:Multi-port USB support power supply for multiple consumer electronics devices: reduce the annoyance of multiple chargers, multi-purpose, small and portable.

3,It supports the global 100-240v wide voltage output, which can be used by any country without fear of the impact of the use of the environment.

4,The LED intelligent light sensor:the brighter the external light, the brighter the LED;the darker the exterior light is, the dimmer the brightness of the LED.

For example, when the consumer is used during the day, the brighter the LED light will help the naked eye to see whether the product works properly.On the contrary, when the lights are turned off at night, the darker the LED light is, the less dazzling the LED lights will be, and the more comfortable the sleep will be, and the problem of lighting pollution will be solved to affect the normal life of consumers.

5,It is compatible with various protocols, such as QuickCharge fast charge, Power Delivery fast charging technology, etc.

6,The global certification:such as CE, PSE,CB,KC,ETL, QC3.0,ROHS,SAA,BMSI etc.

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