USB Charger - TX-PU400-EU/ TX-PU400-US

40W 4-Port USB Wall Charger

40WHiffecientSmall SizeFast Charge

USB Charger - TX-PU400-EU/ TX-PU400-US


4 Port 40W output, Single-port maximum charge of up to 2.4A
Fast Charge your mobile phone and tablet.


USB Charger - TX-PU400-EU/ TX-PU400-US

Tommox Hiffecient is the new generation charging technology. Hiffecient enables Tommox charger provides smart, safe and efficient charging environment. By using upgraded intelligent chips, that identifies device and provides customized and accurate charging current, charging speed gets boosted by 35%.

USB Charger - TX-PU400-EU/ TX-PU400-US

Wide Range of Compatibility

Strong Protection

  •  Over Current Protection
  •  Over Temperature Protection
  •  Short Circuit Protection
  •  Heavy-load
  •  Over Voltage Protection
  •  Automatic

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. Can I charge 4 tablets at the same time? How is the speed?-

    A: Yes, and charging speed is the fastest. TX-PU400 outputs 9.6A current, that is to say each USB shares 2.4A when charging 4 tablets at the same time. 2.4A charging current is perfect for tablets and it provides the fastest charging speed.
  • Q2. My cell phone only needs 1A charging current. Can I charge my cell phone via these 2.4A max charging current USB ports?+

    A: Yes. Max 2.4A means it provides 0A ~ 2.4A current according to charging device. It will only provides the best and most proper charging current.
  • Q3. Why is it so big?+

    A: It is indeed bigger than some 4-USB wall chargers. It can not be small anyway after we put so many premium hardware inside of it. And you may judge quality by size, because size never lies.
  • Q4: What if the LED is working but my device isn't charging?+

    A: Please try a different USB cable and device. If the problem persists, then the TX-PU100 is likely defective. Please email us at to claim your 12-month warranty.
  • Q5: Is the LED light overbearing at night?+

    A: Absolutely not. LED bulb is covered by semi-transparent plastic shell, the light is soft and stylish. It will be nice to see it and will not be disturbing.