Power Strip - TX-SU720
Two home use AC 100-240V Sockets

Two home use AC 100-240V Sockets ,Maximum power 1850W, can supply power for 2 laptops or other household equipments. Three USB ports, total output 15.5W, charge 1 iPads and 2 mobile phones simultaneously.

Power Strip - TX-SU720

Tommox Hiffecient is the new generation charging technology. Hiffecient enables Tommox charger provides smart, safe and efficient charging environment. By using upgraded intelligent chips, that identifies device and provides customized and accurate charging current, charging speed gets boosted by 35%.

Intelligent recognition, intelligent triage

Smart IC chip, self-testing equipment different interfaces, intelligent distribution allows each output to achieve the most efficient charging rate depending on the desired device current.

Power Strip - TX-SU720


Phosphor bronze contact spring,anti-corrosion, anti-rust, after many times of pluging and unpluging it will still maintain a good clamping force and not easy going rust.

The wire cross-sectional area of 0.75 cm2,the wire will not turn soft or break when it's on 2500W output.

Power Strip - TX-SU720
Power Strip - TX-SU720

One switch control all

The use of silver contacts could prevent electric arc.
Excellent Conductivity of sliver could prevent the risk of electric leakage when short circuit.


ABS material

fireproof,resistance up to high temperature 750℃ (on market 80% ordinary strips cover are PP material).

Power Strip - TX-SU720
Power Strip - TX-SU720

Multiple protection,safe and secure

Maximize the protection of the device being charged.

  •  Over-current
  •  over-temperature protection (internal 100 degrees)
  •  short circuit protection
  •  automatic recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. Can I charge tablet by TX-SU720? How about charging speed?-

    A: Thanks to smart IC technology, your tablet will get 2.4A charging current, same charging speed to the original charger.
  • Q2. Can I use TX-SU700 in other countries?+

    A: Yes, this charger is compatible with any outlet with an output ranging from 100-240V. However, the plug is designed for the country it was originally shipped to. You may need to buy a universal adapter.
  • Q3. What is the USB port charging current?+

    A: All 3 USB ports provides 0A ~ 2.4A charging current according to connected devices.
  • Q4. What if my TX-SU720 doesn't work?+

    A: First of all, never open the product by yourself. Please contact Tommox customer service to get help. Please email us at to claim your 12-month warranty.
  • Q5. Should the charger produce excessive heat during the charging process?+

    A: When in use, this charger's temperature should not exceed 104°F/40°C.